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dribond® is a market-leading business that has been founded upon developing the latest innovations lead by market insight with the aspiration to overcome weaknesses in the industry. We pride ourselves on our innovation, developing the most optimal solutions to provide value engineered products. Our projects are supported from inception to post completion offering services from design to installation. To achieve our goal to provide the ultimate customer service, many of the processes, from design to installation are in-house to ensure the best quality is achieved each and every time.

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Partition Systems

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Our Core Values

We are proactive. We innovate and invent to bring new solutions to the market in quality products and services

We work closely with our distributors and their clients to ensure needs are met

We have a diverse range of skills and a quality led workforce

We seek to assess, progress and continually implement improvements both in-house, through our staff and state-of-the-art facilities, and externally with specifiers, installers, distributors and other specialist clients

Our Brands & Trusted Partners

To manufacture and deliver our class leading partition and door systems we work with only the best industry suppliers to ensure our dridond® products meet the stringent quality demands of the industry

Our distributors and installers are highly skilled with continual training  and we can work with specifiers and industry leaders of all shapes and sizes

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