SiNGLEglaze 40 Fire System

Our single glaze FiREsystem® (SG40FS) pushes boundaries.  Stylish and perfect alternatives to open up spaces whilst continuing to provide the necessary spaces required

Our SG40FS can offer integrity and insulation of Ei30, Ei45, Ei60 and Ei90 options.  Choose from butt-jointed continual screens or with concept range style mullions and transoms

This system is fully upgradeable just by changing the glazing, is self-sealing, demountable and fully relocatable, and can be lease financed

Powder coated to any RAL specification

A range of ironmongery is available to meet with the aesthetic requirement of each individual project

Can be integrated with our Alitek frames and doors, FR100FS and the Alitek Melody

Alitek FS Doors

SG40FS offers Ei30 & Ei60 fire rated glass doors under the Alitek range.  Single and double door sets can be integrated seamlessly within our fire rated partition system.  Ei30 & Ei60 Alitek doors and frames offer a slimline glazed door solution.  Doors can be installed at heights of up to 3000mm.  Ironmongery includes 316 stainless steel lever latch, locking and pull handles with overhead door closers and hold open functionality.

This range offers E/EW 30 and 60 options as well.

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Alitek FS

Alitek FS Duo

Alitek FS + Overpanel

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